The Infrared Touch Screen is a touch frame which is usually installed in front of the display screen. The infrared touch technology depends on the interruption of an infrared light grid. The frame is integrated with a printed circuit board which contains a row of infrared LEDs and photo transistors hidden behind the bezel of the touch frame. Each of the infrared LED has a corresponding photo transistor set on the opposite end, creating a grid of invisible infrared light beams. The bezel shields the electronics from the operating environment while allowing the IR beams to pass through. The Infrared Touch Screen controller sends light pulses sequentially through the LEDs. When a user touches the screen with his finger or other styli, the infrared light beams will be interrupted. The photo transistors from X and Y axes simultaneously detect the absence of the infrared light and register the X and Y axes coordinates. Features:  Unlimited stylus  Single/Multi-touch  High clarity and light transmission  No touch pressure required  Reliable and durable without drift-off  Wide range of sizes from 15” to 84” Applications:  Kiosk  Interactive digital signage  Education  Self-service terminals  Gaming/Amusement machines 27” Open Frame Touchscreen Infrared 32” Open Frame Touchscreen Infrared Open Frame with Infrared Touchscreen Infrared touch screens operate on the basis of light-beam interruption, commonly referred to as beam break, to determine the location of touch events. Touchscreen Sensors and Industrial Touch Monitors ©