Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Projected capacitive, the touch technology used in the iPhone touch screen, has become the first choice for many small-to- medium, generally smaller than 10 inches, touch-equipped products now in development.Projected capacitive technologies detect touch by measuring the capacitance at each addressable electrode. SAW Touchscreen SAW touchscreen consists of a glass panel, transducers, reflection strips and cables. The transducers, cables and the reflection stripes are located on the front surface. The SAW controller sends electrical signals to transmitting transducers of both the X and Y axes. Infrared Touchscreen The Infrared Touch Screen is a touch frame which is usually installed in front of the display screen. The infrared touch technology depends on the interruption of an infrared light grid. The frame is integrated with a printed circuit board which contains a row of infrared LEDs and photo transistors hidden behind the bezel of the touch frame. Resistive Touchscreen 5-Wire resistive touch technology can be used in various applications and environments. The Analog Resistive touchscreen is a sensor consisting of two opposing layers, each coated with a transparent resistive material called indium tin oxide (ITO). The ITO has a typical sheet resistivity between 100 and 500 ohms per square. Open Frame with PCAP Touchscreen Open Frame with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen. Open Frame ELO Compatible Monitor with Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) , Infrared or PCAP Touch Screen developed to be used in such machines original designed for ELO Plug & Play and cost effective efficiency are our strenghts. Open Frame with Infrared Touchscreen Monitor with Infrared Touchscreen TouchScreens Sensors Industrial Touch Monitors Comparison Touch Technologies Open Frame with Resistive Touchscreen Monitor with 5-Wire resistive touch Touchscreen Sensors and Industrial Touch Monitors ©